The Team

Igor Bobek

Hi everyone! I’m Igor Bobek, producer of MarsTalk. I have had a passion for space ever since I was a child. I used to (and still do) dream about flying in a spaceship and exploring the Solar system, and beyond. My focus is on human space travel, colonization of space and everything there is about humans in space. The reason for this is that I would like to travel to space myself, so I am exploring everything there is to know about human spaceflight. That is the reason why I created Destination Space – a space travel news site where I write about news and updates on human space travel and space tourism. 

For me, Mars is the next logical step in human colonization of space. And who knows, I might see you there someday!

Joseph Sweeney

Greetings! I’m Joseph Sweeney, producer of MarsTalk and lifelong space enthusiast. My passion for space started as a kid building rocketships from Legos and has grown since then. With the reality that we as a society will put a person on Mars in the very near future, I am particularly interested in the people who want to live there someday. I started a project, Aspiring Martians, back in 2013 to tell their stories and explore the many reasons why people want to colonize the red planet.

There are so many amazing projects and people putting tremendous effort into realizing the dream of putting people on Mars. We are here to tell you those stories. I am excited to be on this journey with Igor and with you, our audience, to create fun, exciting, and educational videos.

Asma Akhter

Hello everyone, I’m Asma Akhter, Social Media Coordinator of Mars Talk. As a child (about 2.5/3 year old) when I started learning alphabets, I remembered seeing a picture of an Astronaut (that read, A for an Astronaut) and asking my grandpa what that was. His explanation instantly changed the whole world in my little head and the 3 year old me said, “I want to be an Astronaut”! That was the beginning of my race towards space and never stopped. Space has been my everything since then. I would like to explore the Solar System and beyond with my knowledge and skills; and help humanity to become a multi planetary species.

Although a few destinations are being considered as our potential next habitat, I believe Mars has one of the best possibilities to provide that. So, here we are exploring everything about Mars and trying to fuel the passion of space in others. Only together we would be successful to live among the stars!

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