Hi everyone and welcome to MarsTalk! MarsTalk is a series of educational videos, launched in August 2020, as a part of the Mars Society’s Education and Outreach Division. Our focus is to bring you fun and educational material on just what our society is doing to get us to the red planet. There are so many exciting projects and people involved in this endeavor and we plan on sharing these with you through our videos.
Our focus is Mars, however our quest for knowledge will not only be centered on Mars, as space science, technology, medicine, but also non-technological topics (such as politics, economics, philosophy and so on) can be applied to space exploration in general.  
Naturally, space exploration is complicated and multifaceted. Our primary goal is to view these efforts through a Mars perspective and break things down for you. We’ll take the KISS approach (Keep It Simple, Silly) as much as possible.
So, if you are, like us, passionate about space exploration, human colonization of Mars and other celestial objects, check out our videos. You will find lots of educational material as we interview space experts for various topics, from engineering to agriculture, health, colonization, but also topics like economy, tourism and so on. To be more precise, we focus on humanity’s present and future in space.

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