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Episode 9 – SpaceX Plans, Senator talks NASA, Solar Sails, & Rover Challenges

In part 1 of Episode 9 we have Kevin Sloan talking about the top 3 new stories of the day, and the University Rover Challenge. In part 2 we’ll have Lucas and Matt from Poland talk on the European Rover challenge.

Episode #8 – Collins, Aldrin, & Trump, Apollo 50th, SpaceX Anomaly, & more

Part 1 of Ep. 8 of Mars Talk, We talk with Gerry Williams about Collins, Aldrin, & Trump in the oval office, Apollo 11 50th anniversary, SpaceX Crew Dragon Anomaly, and Elon wants to put an implant in your brain.

Click here for Part 2

Episode #7 – Virtual Reality & Mars, Insight uncovers the Mole, SpaceX targeting 2021 for Starship, and more

Episode 7 of Mars Talk is all about Virtual Reality and using it for the Exploration of Mars, with our two amazing experts: James Burk is our host this week, he’s the IT Director of the Mars Society and leads our MarsVR project, and Ali Zareiee who heads up our Scandinavian chapter and is a 360 camera designer and videographer. We also review the week’s news and have some fun.

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:41 About our Guest & Adapa360
00:12:15 InSight uncovers the mole
00:15:22 ExoMars 2020 lander suffers damage
00:16:59 SpaceX targets 2021 for Starship launch
00:21:44 OMB Trying to Kill Lunar Gateway
00:23:41 Homer Hickam – No Plan for Mars
00:30:59 Next New Frontiers Mission
00:37:09 Honorable Mention News
00:46:15 Virtual Reality & Mars
01:07:23 Questions from the Audience
01:13:57 Organization News
01:27:17 Chapter Spotlight: Scandinavian Chapter
01:44:18 Credits

Mars Society’s new website

Mars Society Annual Convention – Oct 17-20 | Abstracts

European Mars Conference | Venue | Registration | List of Future Mars Missions | Kickstarter Video | Other Videos

July 2nd Solar Eclipse in South America

Tweet: Orion AA2 Test

Article: World smaller than Earth found by TESS (L 98-59b)

Video: TESS Discovers Its Tiniest World to Date

Tweet: June 30th was Asteroid Day! Here are all the asteroids we’ve visited

Article: Dragonfly announcement

Video: Next New Frontiers Mission will be Dragonfly

Tweet: InSight has successfully moved the cover to the mole out of the way…

Article: InSight uncovers the mole

Submit your name to Mars on the Mars 2020 Rover!

Tweet: US Space Command has an official Twitter Account

Article: SpaceX Targets 2021 for 1st commercial Starship launch

Tweet: Gene Kranz cuts ribbon on fully restored Apollo Mission Control Center

Article: Gene Kranz on Apollo Mission Control Center and current space program

Article: Europe developing Falcon-9 like rocket to combat SpaceX’s dominance

Article: Homer Hickam thinks Mars is never going to happen, nor should it.  

NASA renames NASA’s IV&V building to the Katherine Johnson Independent Verification and Validation Facility in Fairmont, WV

Amazon files with FCC several Kuiper Systems LLC satellites

Tweet: Raptor SN6 ready to test at Boca Chica

Article:  OMB is trying to nix the Artemis Gateway

Article: Europe Mars 2020 Lander Parachute Malfunctions

Photos:  European Southern Observatory photos of the eclipse

360 Video: Sirius Mission (Ali & Anastasiya)

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Episode #6 – STP-2, Artemis Budget, Raptors, Methane, and more

Episode 6 of Mars Talk features Kent Nebergall talking with Christopher Tarantola about the latest Falcon Heavy Launch, NASA’s projected budget for Artemis, Elon talking about the cost of Raptor engines, Methane detection on Mars, and a sneak peak at Kent’s colony submission to the Mars Colony Contest.

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:06 STP-2 Falcon Heavy Launch
00:13:22 NASA’s Artemis Budget Estimate
00:34:55 SpaceX Raptor Costs
00:54:01 Mars Curiosity Smells More Methane
01:01:01 Kent’s Mars Colony Prize Submission
02:09:44 Chapter News
02:14:33 Credits

SpaceX STP-2 Mission Page

Article: SpaceX STP-2 Mission to demonstrate Falcon Heavy capabilities in ‘difficult’ test flight

Article: Payloads on STP-2

Tweet: Falcon Heavy on LC-39-A

Nasa Contractors Support that estimate

Tweet:  Raptor Engine cost

Tweet: Engine Cost Comparison Chart

Tweet: Musk confirms simplified Raptor engine without mechanical throttle

Mars Curiosity rover finds more Methane on Mars

Kent Nebergall’s Eureka Colony Submission for Mars Colony Contest

Episode #5 – Trump’s Tweet, SpaceX on Mars, Amazon’s re:MARS conference, InSight, & more

We had a couple of fantastic guests in Mike Newberg and Greg McCauley both of the Link Observatory Institute. We cover news of the past two weeks, aliens, space war, and tons more.

Tweet: Jeff Foust reports on Pace’s reaction after audience member ‘rants’ against Gateway.

Tweet: Greg Autry reports on ISDC2019 with photo

Article: Space News talks about President’s tweet

USGS Open File Report (Geological Mapping Program Status and Future Revealed)

Tweet: JMARS shows new data for Mars mapping…

Article: NASA Opens International Space Station to New Commercial Opportunities, Private Astronauts

Video: NASA’s Announcement of Commercial Opportunities

Tweet: Jeff Foust reports on Jim Bridenstine talking at ISDC2019 “matter of hours” comment

Tweet: Jeff Foust reports on Jim Bridenstine talking at ISDC2019 “Mars w/o Moon can’t be done” comment

Tweet: Diane Smiroldo shows Greg Autry introducing Jim Bridenstine at ISDC2019

Article: Extensive policy study advocating for Commercial friendly policies, with lots of specifics and info.

JPL Article: NASA’s Mars Helicopter Testing Enters Final Phase

Video: NASA JPL Chopper Ready for a Spin on Mars

Tweet: President Trump’s tweet that exploded the space communities’ heads

Article: Royal Astronomical Society statement on Starlink

Tweet: FCC explains Fermi Paradox according to Dr. Zubrin

Video: China launches from ocean platform

Article: Spaceflight Now has Stephen Clark report on China’s sea launch

Video: Ad Astra movie trailer

Article: Wikipedia article on Ad Astra movie

Tweet: LSST photo

Video: InSight Mole plan to get moving

Video: Paul Wooster at 21st Annual International Mars Society Convention

Article: Ben Pearson of Ars Technica reports on Paul Wooster’s talk at Humans to Mars Summit

Tweet: Bigelow Aerospace tweets out “First Base” model

Article: NASA shuts down International Cosmic-Ray Instrument over petty interpersonal politics

Article: Stephen Clark of Astronomy Now reports that NASA to shut down Spitzer Space Telescope early next year

Article: JPL article announcing Spitzer shutdown

Full Results of the University Rover Challenge

Link Observatory website

Article: China looking to dominate space WSJ

Article: NASA Juno photo The Abyss

Episode #4 – Artemis, Gateway, Moon Direct, Dr. Zubrin & more

NASA Artemis Program
Dr. Robert Zubrin
NASA InSight HP3 Mole Instrument still stuck
O’Neill Cylinders vs. Planetary Settlement
1919 Eddington Expedition confirming Relativity
Honorable Mention News
Mars Society News
Chapter News
One Last Thing

Recorded Monday, May 27, 2019 – Hosted by Christopher Tarantola, joined by James Burk, Craig Davidson, and Dr. Robert Zubrin

NASA’s internal Artemis Program plan

Appropriations Committee Releases FY2020 budget draft

Bridenstine announces 11 American companies to develop landing systems.

Boeing meets the wheels on the bus after blaming lack of money for poor SLS project performance

Inspector General Report on Boeing

NASA’s ‘minimal’ Gateway

NASA announces Maxar Technologies to build and deliver the PPE for Lunar Gateway

Maxar Technologies Announcement Video

Mark Sirangelo Photo

Mark Sirangelo leaves after only 1.5 months as Special Assistant on the Artemis Program

Sirangelo leaving Newsweek article

Space Policy Advocates are called to arms to make O’Neill cylinders a reality!

Elon’s take on O’Neill cylinders

Zubrin’s response on O’Neill cylinders

NASA’s InSight still stuck just below the surface

Sen. Ted Cruz (my representative in the Senate) warns about space pirates.

Ted Cruz comments on Space Pirates

Space piracy may not be as silly as one thinks…

Russian prosecutor Aleksandr Bastrykin says Billions are being stolen at Roscosmos

Homer Hickam (of October Sky fame) seeded doubt on NASA’s plans for Mars.

Chang’e-4 photos released.  Pretty stinkin’ cool.

3 Starship prototypes being built, 2 in Texas and 1 in Florida

SpaceX files a bid protest against NASA, under seal due to proprietary concerns

Mars 2020 Spacecraft is completed

Curiosity rover’s looks for climate clues on Martian Mountian

LRO catches site of Beresheet’s lithobrake.

Apollo 10 Anniversary was on May 18th

Planetary Society’s LightSail 2 video

LightSail 2 Article

China Launches 45th Beidou Nav Sat.

Redefining the kilogram

ESA funds Araine 6 upper stage upgrade

Space Force not funded by House appropriators

House appropriators put money in for nuclear thermal propulsion

Interstellar Transport Company video game

Crazy cool shot of the night sky.

SpaceX BFR Video

Dark Sea Industries deep space human habitation study

The Gateway Foundation concept video

EFT-1 Recovery Video

NASA’s Artemis Proposal

Science & Futurism w/ Isaac Arthur

SpaceX tops market share

Episode #3 – Artemis, Blue Moon, Planet Definition, & more

All links and attributions @ – Ep3 –
00:02:50 Artemis Program and NASA’s budget request
00:10:54 Blue Origin’s press event
00:27:32 Alan Stern vs. Ron Ekers on definition of planet
00:42:41 NASA’s 3D Printed Mars Habitat Competition
01:00:02 Honorable Mention News / Lightning Round
01:27:45 NASA’s plan to get to the Moon (pre-Artemis)
01:51:00 Chapter News
01:53:50 Mars Society Seattle Chapter Highlight
02:03:13 Marspedia Project Highlight
02:15:52 Closing / Credits

Recorded Tuesday, May 14, 2019 – Hosted by Christopher Tarantola, joined by James Burk & Lucinda Offer

Video: Jim Bridenstine Town Hall regarding 2020 budget amendment

Video: Blue Origin press event

Tweet: SpaceX spaceship on moon craning Blue Moon

Tweet: Blue Moon Brewing Co. Moon Lander Keg

Video: PSW Science Planet Definition Debate

Video: AI SpaceFactory MARSHA 3D printed winning NASA contest submission

Website: Hassel studio <– Architecture firm working on lunar base

Video: Avengers Endgame trailer

Photo: Peter Mayhew

Photo: SpaceX Anomaly red cloud

Video: SpaceX Launch CRS-17

Photo: Starlink satellites in half fairing

Photo: ULA GOES-S launch

Link: Shaposhnikov et. al. Mars Water Loss paper

Photos: Habitability of Titan article by Keith Cooper

Tweet: T.S. Kelso on India’s ASAT tracked debris 45 days later

Video: Boeing Starliner Parachute test

Photo: The Sun’s Closest Neighbors (from Wikipedia)

Video: Rocket Lab Electron launch STP-27RD

Photo: JAXA moon base CG image

Video: Japanese MOMO-3 sounding rocket

Tweet: JAXA signs letter of intent with NASA on Gateway

Article: Moar planetary defence Jeff Foust Space News article

Article: BBC CO2 ISS instrument article

The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens up a Future of Limitless Possibility

Video: NASA promo video

Infographic: SLS Configurations

Diagram: SLS Rocket components

Photo: Guys standing around an RS-25 Engine

Video: EM-1 Mission Profile

Infographic: Gateway Configuration

Photo: Sally Ride on STS-7 in 1983

Photo: Mars Society Seattle chapter organizers

Site: Marspedia

Episode #2 – Dragon Anomaly, Space Race?, and Australia

The second episode of Mars Talk features Dr. Jonathan Clarke who is a professional astrobiologist and the President of Mars Society Australia.  Christopher, James, and Dr. Clarke discuss the week’s space news, recent space agency & chapter activities in Australia, and a debate of the 2020s Space Race documented in James’ recent LinkedIn article.  For more information on Mars Talk and to reach us on social media, visit

Links to Media mentioned on this Podcast:

“First Likely Marsquake Heard by NASA’s InSight”

Viking Lander Model

InSight Seismometer 3D Section

Venera Lander

InSight Lander Render

InSight HP3+Heat Flow Probe Render

Insight Solar Panel Dust

Mars Mission Power Comparison

Australian Space Agency Website Screenshot

Simon Birmingham 68 IAC Speech Screenshot

Megan Clark Interview with IAC TV

Real vs. Acceptable Reasons

SpaceX Damaged Booster

SpaceX ISS Docked

SpaceX Anomaly Tweet

SpaceX Anomaly Radar

Planetary Protection Article

Thomas Zurbuchen

Curiosity Rover

Mars 2020 Rover

Kelly Twins

Telomere Explanation Video

Radiation Information

Old School IMDB

Toyota / Bridgestone / JAXA Moon Rover


NASA Tess video 2

Orbital Billboard Demo Video

Pepsi Drops Plans Article

NASA 2024 Houston Chronicle Article

13 Days IMDB

Interstellar Cornell Paper

Purdue WLFI Article

Cindy Nafus Woman of Leadership Article

DART Mission video

Beresheet final photo

SpaceIL Beresheet 2 Annoucement

Near Earth Asteroid Video

CRS 17 Blog Post

NASA Core Stage Tooling Article

Link Space Video

Intelsat-29e declared total loss

Native American $1 Coin

Antares Cygnus Launch Video


Anti-dust photo

China Mars Analog

The Space Race of the 2020s (James Burk’s recent LinkedIn article)

NASA’s plans infeasible for 2033

Dr. Zubrin Op-Ed

22nd Annual Convention

Mars Society Italy Tour

Amy Ross Purdue Video

SIRIUS-19 Interview between Anastasiya Stepanova and Ali Zareiee (360 Video)

Episode #1 – Return to the Moon, SpaceX Dragon, and The Mars Society

Billed as “A community discussion about humanity’s future in space”, the biweekly Mars Talk podcast features Mars Society chapter leaders and other guests to discuss the Society’s activities and those of individual chapters. The podcast will also provide commentary on recent space news, such as commercial space activities and those of the worldwide space agencies.

The first episode of Mars Talk was recorded on Friday, April 12th and is hosted by Christopher Tarantola from the Mars Society’s Chapter & Outreach team. Christopher is joined by two co-hosts: James Burk, the Society’s IT Director and organizer of the Seattle chapter, and Lucinda Offer, the Society’s Executive Director and organizer of the UK chapter. Christopher, James, and Lucinda provide commentary on the recent NASA return to the moon announcements, SpaceX & Boeing’s commercial crew activity, the recent Falcon Heavy launch of ArabSat-6A, Israel’s SpaceIL mission to land on the Moon, India’s anti-satellite test and its aftermath, and several other current space-related news items. In addition, Lucinda provides an introduction to the Mars Society and the recent projects and activities done by our worldwide network of chapters.

For More Information:
The Mars Society –
Discord Server:
Mars Society UK:
All Chapters:

Links to topics mentioned on this episode:
5th Annual Space Council Meeting:
Bridenstein Town Hall:
Sirangelo selected to help lead NASA Moon to Mars program article:
Dream Chaser Photo:
EM1 Mission Video:
Crew Demo 1 Launch:
Crew Demo 1 Docking:
Starship / BFR:
Chang’e 4 Landing:
USC Mars Water:
Peanuts Online YT:
CSPAN Apollo 11 20th Anniversary:
Bridenstein Congressional Budget Testimony:
Foriegn Policy Article:
Chinese Moon Landing:
Analytical Graphics, Inc India Simulation:
Analytical Graphics, Inc India Report: