Episode #3 – Artemis, Blue Moon, Planet Definition, & more

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00:02:50 Artemis Program and NASA’s budget request
00:10:54 Blue Origin’s press event
00:27:32 Alan Stern vs. Ron Ekers on definition of planet
00:42:41 NASA’s 3D Printed Mars Habitat Competition
01:00:02 Honorable Mention News / Lightning Round
01:27:45 NASA’s plan to get to the Moon (pre-Artemis)
01:51:00 Chapter News
01:53:50 Mars Society Seattle Chapter Highlight
02:03:13 Marspedia Project Highlight
02:15:52 Closing / Credits

Recorded Tuesday, May 14, 2019 – Hosted by Christopher Tarantola, joined by James Burk & Lucinda Offer

Video: Jim Bridenstine Town Hall regarding 2020 budget amendment

Video: Blue Origin press event

Tweet: SpaceX spaceship on moon craning Blue Moon

Tweet: Blue Moon Brewing Co. Moon Lander Keg

Video: PSW Science Planet Definition Debate

Video: AI SpaceFactory MARSHA 3D printed winning NASA contest submission

Website: Hassel studio <– Architecture firm working on lunar base

Video: Avengers Endgame trailer

Photo: Peter Mayhew

Photo: SpaceX Anomaly red cloud

Video: SpaceX Launch CRS-17

Photo: Starlink satellites in half fairing

Photo: ULA GOES-S launch

Link: Shaposhnikov et. al. Mars Water Loss paper

Photos: Habitability of Titan article by Keith Cooper

Tweet: T.S. Kelso on India’s ASAT tracked debris 45 days later

Video: Boeing Starliner Parachute test

Photo: The Sun’s Closest Neighbors (from Wikipedia)

Video: Rocket Lab Electron launch STP-27RD

Photo: JAXA moon base CG image

Video: Japanese MOMO-3 sounding rocket

Tweet: JAXA signs letter of intent with NASA on Gateway

Article: Moar planetary defence Jeff Foust Space News article

Article: BBC CO2 ISS instrument article

The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens up a Future of Limitless Possibility

Video: NASA promo video

Infographic: SLS Configurations

Diagram: SLS Rocket components

Photo: Guys standing around an RS-25 Engine

Video: EM-1 Mission Profile

Infographic: Gateway Configuration

Photo: Sally Ride on STS-7 in 1983

Photo: Mars Society Seattle chapter organizers

Site: Marspedia