Episode #2 – Dragon Anomaly, Space Race?, and Australia

The second episode of Mars Talk features Dr. Jonathan Clarke who is a professional astrobiologist and the President of Mars Society Australia.  Christopher, James, and Dr. Clarke discuss the week’s space news, recent space agency & chapter activities in Australia, and a debate of the 2020s Space Race documented in James’ recent LinkedIn article.  For more information on Mars Talk and to reach us on social media, visit marstalk.org

Links to Media mentioned on this Podcast:

“First Likely Marsquake Heard by NASA’s InSight”

Viking Lander Model

InSight Seismometer 3D Section

Venera Lander

InSight Lander Render

InSight HP3+Heat Flow Probe Render

Insight Solar Panel Dust

Mars Mission Power Comparison

Australian Space Agency Website Screenshot

Simon Birmingham 68 IAC Speech Screenshot

Megan Clark Interview with IAC TV

Real vs. Acceptable Reasons

SpaceX Damaged Booster

SpaceX ISS Docked

SpaceX Anomaly Tweet

SpaceX Anomaly Radar

Planetary Protection Article

Thomas Zurbuchen

Curiosity Rover

Mars 2020 Rover

Kelly Twins

Telomere Explanation Video

Radiation Information

Old School IMDB

Toyota / Bridgestone / JAXA Moon Rover


NASA Tess video 2

Orbital Billboard Demo Video

Pepsi Drops Plans Article

NASA 2024 Houston Chronicle Article

13 Days IMDB

Interstellar Cornell Paper

Purdue WLFI Article

Cindy Nafus Woman of Leadership Article

DART Mission video

Beresheet final photo

SpaceIL Beresheet 2 Annoucement

Near Earth Asteroid Video

CRS 17 Blog Post

NASA Core Stage Tooling Article

Link Space Video

Intelsat-29e declared total loss

Native American $1 Coin

Antares Cygnus Launch Video


Anti-dust photo

China Mars Analog

The Space Race of the 2020s (James Burk’s recent LinkedIn article)

NASA’s plans infeasible for 2033

Dr. Zubrin Op-Ed

22nd Annual Convention

Mars Society Italy Tour

Amy Ross Purdue Video

SIRIUS-19 Interview between Anastasiya Stepanova and Ali Zareiee (360 Video)