Episode #7 – Virtual Reality & Mars, Insight uncovers the Mole, SpaceX targeting 2021 for Starship, and more

Episode 7 of Mars Talk is all about Virtual Reality and using it for the Exploration of Mars, with our two amazing experts: James Burk is our host this week, he’s the IT Director of the Mars Society and leads our MarsVR project, and Ali Zareiee who heads up our Scandinavian chapter and is a 360 camera designer and videographer. We also review the week’s news and have some fun.

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:41 About our Guest & Adapa360
00:12:15 InSight uncovers the mole
00:15:22 ExoMars 2020 lander suffers damage
00:16:59 SpaceX targets 2021 for Starship launch
00:21:44 OMB Trying to Kill Lunar Gateway
00:23:41 Homer Hickam – No Plan for Mars
00:30:59 Next New Frontiers Mission
00:37:09 Honorable Mention News
00:46:15 Virtual Reality & Mars
01:07:23 Questions from the Audience
01:13:57 Organization News
01:27:17 Chapter Spotlight: Scandinavian Chapter
01:44:18 Credits

Mars Society’s new website

Mars Society Annual Convention – Oct 17-20 | Abstracts

European Mars Conference | Venue | Registration

Marspedia.org | List of Future Mars Missions

MarsVR.io | Kickstarter Video | Other Videos

July 2nd Solar Eclipse in South America

Tweet: Orion AA2 Test

Article: World smaller than Earth found by TESS (L 98-59b)

Video: TESS Discovers Its Tiniest World to Date

Tweet: June 30th was Asteroid Day! Here are all the asteroids we’ve visited

Article: Dragonfly announcement

Video: Next New Frontiers Mission will be Dragonfly

Tweet: InSight has successfully moved the cover to the mole out of the way…

Article: InSight uncovers the mole

Submit your name to Mars on the Mars 2020 Rover!

Tweet: US Space Command has an official Twitter Account

Article: SpaceX Targets 2021 for 1st commercial Starship launch

Tweet: Gene Kranz cuts ribbon on fully restored Apollo Mission Control Center

Article: Gene Kranz on Apollo Mission Control Center and current space program

Article: Europe developing Falcon-9 like rocket to combat SpaceX’s dominance

Article: Homer Hickam thinks Mars is never going to happen, nor should it.  

NASA renames NASA’s IV&V building to the Katherine Johnson Independent Verification and Validation Facility in Fairmont, WV

Amazon files with FCC several Kuiper Systems LLC satellites

Tweet: Raptor SN6 ready to test at Boca Chica

Article:  OMB is trying to nix the Artemis Gateway

Article: Europe Mars 2020 Lander Parachute Malfunctions

Photos:  European Southern Observatory photos of the eclipse

360 Video: Sirius Mission (Ali & Anastasiya)

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