Episode #6 – STP-2, Artemis Budget, Raptors, Methane, and more

Episode 6 of Mars Talk features Kent Nebergall talking with Christopher Tarantola about the latest Falcon Heavy Launch, NASA’s projected budget for Artemis, Elon talking about the cost of Raptor engines, Methane detection on Mars, and a sneak peak at Kent’s colony submission to the Mars Colony Contest.

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:06 STP-2 Falcon Heavy Launch
00:13:22 NASA’s Artemis Budget Estimate
00:34:55 SpaceX Raptor Costs
00:54:01 Mars Curiosity Smells More Methane
01:01:01 Kent’s Mars Colony Prize Submission
02:09:44 Chapter News
02:14:33 Credits

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Mars Curiosity rover finds more Methane on Mars

Kent Nebergall’s Eureka Colony Submission for Mars Colony Contest