Episode #5 – Trump’s Tweet, SpaceX on Mars, Amazon’s re:MARS conference, InSight, & more

We had a couple of fantastic guests in Mike Newberg and Greg McCauley both of the Link Observatory Institute. We cover news of the past two weeks, aliens, space war, and tons more.

Tweet: Jeff Foust reports on Pace’s reaction after audience member ‘rants’ against Gateway.

Tweet: Greg Autry reports on ISDC2019 with photo

Article: Space News talks about President’s tweet

USGS Open File Report (Geological Mapping Program Status and Future Revealed)

Tweet: JMARS shows new data for Mars mapping…

Article: NASA Opens International Space Station to New Commercial Opportunities, Private Astronauts

Video: NASA’s Announcement of Commercial Opportunities

Tweet: Jeff Foust reports on Jim Bridenstine talking at ISDC2019 “matter of hours” comment

Tweet: Jeff Foust reports on Jim Bridenstine talking at ISDC2019 “Mars w/o Moon can’t be done” comment

Tweet: Diane Smiroldo shows Greg Autry introducing Jim Bridenstine at ISDC2019

Article: Extensive policy study advocating for Commercial friendly policies, with lots of specifics and info.

JPL Article: NASA’s Mars Helicopter Testing Enters Final Phase

Video: NASA JPL Chopper Ready for a Spin on Mars

Tweet: President Trump’s tweet that exploded the space communities’ heads

Article: Royal Astronomical Society statement on Starlink

Tweet: FCC explains Fermi Paradox according to Dr. Zubrin

Video: China launches from ocean platform

Article: Spaceflight Now has Stephen Clark report on China’s sea launch

Video: Ad Astra movie trailer

Article: Wikipedia article on Ad Astra movie

Tweet: LSST photo

Video: InSight Mole plan to get moving

Video: Paul Wooster at 21st Annual International Mars Society Convention

Article: Ben Pearson of Ars Technica reports on Paul Wooster’s talk at Humans to Mars Summit

Tweet: Bigelow Aerospace tweets out “First Base” model

Article: NASA shuts down International Cosmic-Ray Instrument over petty interpersonal politics

Article: Stephen Clark of Astronomy Now reports that NASA to shut down Spitzer Space Telescope early next year

Article: JPL article announcing Spitzer shutdown

Full Results of the University Rover Challenge

Link Observatory website

Article: China looking to dominate space WSJ

Article: NASA Juno photo The Abyss