Episode #4 – Artemis, Gateway, Moon Direct, Dr. Zubrin & more

NASA Artemis Program
Dr. Robert Zubrin
NASA InSight HP3 Mole Instrument still stuck
O’Neill Cylinders vs. Planetary Settlement
1919 Eddington Expedition confirming Relativity
Honorable Mention News
Mars Society News
Chapter News
One Last Thing

Recorded Monday, May 27, 2019 – Hosted by Christopher Tarantola, joined by James Burk, Craig Davidson, and Dr. Robert Zubrin

NASA’s internal Artemis Program plan

Appropriations Committee Releases FY2020 budget draft

Bridenstine announces 11 American companies to develop landing systems.

Boeing meets the wheels on the bus after blaming lack of money for poor SLS project performance

Inspector General Report on Boeing

NASA’s ‘minimal’ Gateway

NASA announces Maxar Technologies to build and deliver the PPE for Lunar Gateway

Maxar Technologies Announcement Video

Mark Sirangelo Photo

Mark Sirangelo leaves after only 1.5 months as Special Assistant on the Artemis Program

Sirangelo leaving Newsweek article

Space Policy Advocates are called to arms to make O’Neill cylinders a reality!

Elon’s take on O’Neill cylinders

Zubrin’s response on O’Neill cylinders

NASA’s InSight still stuck just below the surface

Sen. Ted Cruz (my representative in the Senate) warns about space pirates.

Ted Cruz comments on Space Pirates

Space piracy may not be as silly as one thinks…

Russian prosecutor Aleksandr Bastrykin says Billions are being stolen at Roscosmos

Homer Hickam (of October Sky fame) seeded doubt on NASA’s plans for Mars.

Chang’e-4 photos released.  Pretty stinkin’ cool.

3 Starship prototypes being built, 2 in Texas and 1 in Florida

SpaceX files a bid protest against NASA, under seal due to proprietary concerns

Mars 2020 Spacecraft is completed

Curiosity rover’s looks for climate clues on Martian Mountian

LRO catches site of Beresheet’s lithobrake.

Apollo 10 Anniversary was on May 18th

Planetary Society’s LightSail 2 video

LightSail 2 Article

China Launches 45th Beidou Nav Sat.

Redefining the kilogram

ESA funds Araine 6 upper stage upgrade

Space Force not funded by House appropriators

House appropriators put money in for nuclear thermal propulsion

Interstellar Transport Company video game

Crazy cool shot of the night sky.

SpaceX BFR Video

Dark Sea Industries deep space human habitation study

The Gateway Foundation concept video

EFT-1 Recovery Video

NASA’s Artemis Proposal

Science & Futurism w/ Isaac Arthur

SpaceX tops market share